HDE Advent Calendar Day 1: Skype English Lesson and The Callan Method

Hi, there! I'm "SEAN" Kawaminami works for HDE, Inc. as an Executive officer.


The season of HDE Advent Calendar 2017 has come! And this is the fourth challenge of our company to publish HDE Advent Calendar! Normally, the post will be written by Kimono-Guy, our CEO Richie Ogura but, unfortunately, this time he's in Las Vegas for re:invent (Amazon Web Service's annual big conference). So I will be in charge of the post this year!

Why we are studying English? 

Perhaps, some of the readers or colleagues know why we have to learn English, however, if you don't know please check the following articles.


QQ English

Regarding the situation of our company, we prepared some support plans. One of them is the Skype English lesson by QQ English. As HDE employees we can take the lessons for free.


QQ English has both online and offline courses. Online means the lesson is conducted via Skype, on the other hand, offline lesson is face to face, i.e. the student gets to go to Cebu! Actually, some of my colleagues had visited Cebu from for this purpose! I really envy them! I will go to Cebu someday!

The Callan Method

This is what I definitely recommend you guys to do! For me, It is not too much to say that this is why I choose QQ English.

The Callan Method was created by Mr. Robin Callan. He created this method to learn English as a foreign language and is successfully used by many schools all over the world.

Details of The Callan Method


We use a textbook like the above. The lesson is constructed as the following:

1. Daily revision

Every lesson starts with 7 pages revision. Teacher asks you twice along with the textbook, then you have to answer the questions.

2. New words

After the revision, the teacher will introduce new words. The student doesn't need to do anything in this session. 

3. Q and A

Again, the teacher asks questions regarding the new words above, twice. And then you have to answer them.

4. Reading and Dictation

After session 2 and 3, we will have reading or dictation session. 


Actually, during the lesson, most of the sessions are conducted in closed book. But we must buy the books so that we can review the materials ourselves.


You can watch how the lesson is conducted below.




Actually, studying English is not so easy. However, QQ English and The Callan Method will help you to improve your English skill effectively and easily.

English is just English, but if you could speak English the world will be changed totally! So JUST DO IT, and you can!


We are holding a monthly event called "1000 Speakers Conference in English" at HDE Office for those who want to try to improve your English skill. This event provides you the opportunity to give a lightning talk: a 5 minutes presentation about anything, e.g. your favorite topics, business, hobby, and so on. The next conference will be held on 12/8 (Fri) from 19:30 at HDE Office. If you have any interest, come and join us!