HDE Advent Calendar Day 5: Stressless life in renovation

Hi, I'm Masashi Sawa, working at HDE as installation support of HDEOne to be able to start using it at ease for the customer.


By the way, have you heard of "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)"
There is word as renovation in English.But mean of "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)" is little different from renovation.
"リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)" is japanglush and means renovating the used house and giving new value.
I tried "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)" three years ago.
Today, I will talk about it.
1. House hunting
When my son was 1 year old and my wife got our daughter pregnant , I decided to buy our house.
At first, I want to buy order house but It was too expensive for me to buy it then.
After that, I knew  "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)".
It is just the right price for me and it can satisfy the demand which is to make a house that suits myself.
2. The problem of a loan
However, I faced a new agenda. I need  to order builders after buying a apartment .So apartment loan payment started but I could not live in new apartment and needed to pay the rent of apartment.
Therefore, I checked that and found the service that acted for all necessary for  "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)". And I could gather up apartment and  construction costs loan.
3. From apartment hunting to a design 
Even if the apartment for "リノベーション(RINOBE-SHON)" is very old, it don't have any problem . Because the interior decoration becomes like new construction. I thought about earthquake and share place and choose built in 8 years apartment.
After that, I decided a design with designer.




The design completed and construction began.After that, My dream house finally completed.
It took a half year since I began to search for a apartment .
Completed room is the following.




The layout has changed so much.


 Also house made according to my lifestyle is easy to live in and I don’t get stressed easily.

HDE also introduces FREE ADDRESS to get working easily.
I think that the environment we spend make a big impact on my life and work.
If you buy your own house, you want to customize it to make it easier to live, right?
If you are considering buying a house, how about putting renovation in one of the options?