HDE Advent Calendar Day8: Soft Tennis

Hi, I'm Yu Okada, Director of Partner Sales department in HDE.

This is the first time for me to write the blog,  of course,  for the advent calendar.


What are you doing in a weekend? For me?  I usually play the Soft Tennis!

I've been playing the Soft Tennis during junior high school and high school as a club activity.

I have the experience to climb up the top of district competition!

I have won the prefectural match!

There are many club teams in the Nerima, I have the strongest team among them as a director in there.



Do you know about a Soft Tennis?

  • A Soft tennis is a ball game where two or two players (four players) meet rubber balls in a racket over the net. From Wikipedia


I am using this racket now. I'd like to get a new racket soon...


Balls and rackets are different from tennis. So, the way we shake the racket is different and cutting service.

The most different point between a Soft Tennis and a tennis is the number of the games.

Both Tennis and Soft Tennis, one game is 4 points in advance, the rule at Deuces is the same.
The difference here.

Soft tennis takes 4 points as one set, winning one winning 4 sets (3 sets in 5 game match, 4 sets in advance in case of 9 game matches, 7 games), while 6 in hard tennis Take one set and count as. It is the first victory after taking 2 sets or 3 sets of it.

So, the importance of 1 point is different for soft tennis. That is attractive.



It is saying that the Soft tennis is lifelong sports, and we can not show the declining popularity regardless of age and gender.

I think that the Soft Tennis is definitely a wonderful sport and it is wide open to everyone and could keep playing forever.

 It is a wonderful play movie.


 Thank you for reading.