HDE Advent Calendar Day 17: The Perfect Dating Itinerary for Taipei

Taipei is often known as a city inundated by great food; however, I have never placed as high a priority on food as I have on the quality of a date. During my two-week-business-trip in Taiwan, I wish to share with you a dating itinerary that will apprehend the heart of any girl.

The most important thing to make a good impression on any person (not only a girl) will be knowing where you are going. The map below shows the places that we will be covering today and make sure that you know your directions well before any practical date. A girl will not like a man who doesn’t know where he is heading-literally or metaphorically (前途).


A girl will like man with culture (有文化的人、有教養的人), going to a place with history as well as meaning can help you demonstrate the depth and the breadth of your knowledge. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) will help us just to achieve that; a man can easily let a girl understand the importance of history and how deeply cultured he is simply by the dating location they be.



However, too much show-off is a no-no; in fact, you want to add a verbal caption just at the right timing. This will give her the impression that the part that you showed off is only the-tip-of-the-iceberg and you have a vast database beneath your handsome appearance.

At 55 past every hour, there will be a solider talk-over ceremony (禮兵交接). Arriving five minutes before the ceremony shows how punctual you are. “Nobody likes people who are never on-time” and I am sure that this fact applies to the girl next to you as well. Demonstrating the fact that you take care about the time is just important as your vast knowledge and your handsome appearance.


If you have ever been to some form of military training, it is also a good opportunity to let her know that you are not only a man of knowledge or appearance; however, you will help her to know that you are a man of discipline. Body is needed to be trained and pressured to maintain young and healthy; I am sure that your date is also using a lot of anti-aging and makeup products to stay young as possible. In order to stay young and stay fit, overhaul is never as good as interception.


“A man is not a man unless he knows something about cars” is not a quote by a famous person, but it is certainly true. Although your date does not expect you to know about how much horsepower does a Bugatti Veryon 16.4 have but I am that she is at least expecting you to know something about Henry Ford, Model-T and from which country is the Cadillac model of Chiang-Kai-Shek’s favorite four-wheeler is from.



Walking out of the Memorial Hall, be sure to exit from the main entrance from the fourth floor to ensure that you two enjoy the spectacular scenery walking down the 89-staircase just as the emperor and empresses (皇上、格格) who did back in the Qing dynasty (清朝). 


After been immersed in the rich history of the Memorial Hall, your date will be double as impressed if you take her to the modern parts of Taipei – Taipei 101. Appealing takes the form of unexpectancy; therefore, you should now step into the shoes of a modern salaryman seamlessly integrating into the business district in Xinyi (信義). Anyone would like partners who are confident with great career (事業有成); therefore, you should demonstrate that you are not only a playboy but a working boy.


At this point in time, I am sure your date has already been deeply impressed by the well-organized dating itinerary you have devised. She, adoring you deeply, will want this memory to be eternal; you, wishing to impress her profoundly, will also want a souvenir from this memorable time. The LOVE pop art landmark below is right next to the Taipei 101, which will be populated with tourists. However, I am sure that you can always grab a tourist-cupid-to take a couple picture for you. Be sure to grab a someone for a good picture; girls are very serious when it comes to taking pictures, and the blurry selfies that you take with one hand will not meet their minimum requirement. On the other hand, the ability to grab a stranger help you to demonstrate you courage and management skill: you are able to control and manipulate people and impressing your date dearly.


At the end of the day, I am sure that your date is now impressed by both your knowledge of the history and culture of Taiwan. Make sure that you treat your girl a good dinner as a compensation for walking around with you in a cold day in Taipei and let her know that you had organized all of this because you want to impress her.