HDE Advent Calendar Day 18: My favorite Hamburger🍔

Hi There! This is Imaizumi. I’m working on Customer success & Engagement Division.
Today I’m going to write my favorite food "Hamburger".
I love Hamburger too much. When I went to Thailand last week, I ate hamburger 3 times in a row. Like this.


And I always post the hamburgers on Instagram. If you have interest, please check it out~!


In Tokyo, there is a lot of famous hamburger restaurants like Blacows, BurgerMania, Firehouse and so on.
You can find such famous hamburger shops easily using Tabelog, which is most famous review site in Japan.


Today I'll introduce you guys my favorite “little known” hamburger restaurant. Actually, these restaurants are fewer reviews in Tabelog.

OK, Let's get started!

1. Made in Hands


This restaurant is near Hiyoshi station in Kanagawa prefecture.
I ordered "Smoker's room EX". This hamburger is with smoked bacon and smoked cheese.
When I ate this hamburger, my heart was taken to heaven.
Needless to say, the taste was so fabulous.Smoky smell was so nice and the patty was so juicy
Hiyoshi station is a little bit distant, but when you visit around there, I recommend you try it.



This restaurant is close to our office. This restaurant provides French food with good wine at dinner time, however, it provides good hamburger at lunchtime.
I tried the "Adenia burger", and the taste was so good. And the atmosphere was also so nice. I believe you have a good time at this restaurant.

3.Ocean's Diner


This restaurant is in Aomori prefecture, which is my hometown. Actually, I didn't expect anything but my expectation was betrayed in a good way.
I tried the "Apple burger", and this was so nice. The combination of a juicy patty and apple sour taste was so nice. It's a little bit difficult to get there because the restaurant is far away, but I want you to try it.

Do you like it? If you like it, please try~~!!


By the way, I joined another Advent calendar "Office 365 advent calendar".
I'll post on my blog on Dec 21. I hope you'll be looking forward to it.

Have fun!