HDE Advent Calendar Day 19 : The World's first Michelin Starred Ramen in Tokyo ♥

Hello everyone╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Welcome to HDE Advent Calendar Day 19 ;D I am Foam Chanii, the member from Operation team, Cloud Sales & Marketing Division. And I come from THAILANDDDDDDDDDDDD.

This is my first time to write the blog on this HDE Advert Calendar. Although I really like to take photo and post them on my facebook and instagram, I think that I am not such a good blogger Lol. Well, let's see how it goes ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

During my four years in Japan, the most popular questions asked by my friend is... 

 What is your favourite Japanese food ?

Of course, my answer is always RAMEN. Okay ! now maybe you guys can guess about  the the toptic which I gonna write in this blog today.          


Yessssss, today I will introduce you not only the BEST reman shops in this tokyo, but, I will introduce you the MICHELIN STARRED RAMEN SHOPS.

What is Michelin star and how special for it ? (>_<)



Up to now, there are ONLY TWO remen shops in Tokyo which get one Michelin-starred. One is Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta (Truffle oil infused ramen) at Sugamo Station. Another is Sosakumenkobo Nakiryu (Tantanmen) at Otsuka Station.

Interestingly, the two Michelin Starred ramen shops both are located in Toshima-ku area Lol so maybe there are some special things around Toshima which can make ramen become delicious... haha.. How do you think ?



Anyway, today I will introduce you only the Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, the world's first Michelin Starred Ramen (since I have experienced to go there haha)


Tsuta Tokyo – The World's first Michelin Starred Ramen – 


               Count on a good half hour in the queue of Japanese Soba Noodle Tsuta                                                   (by ROBBIE SWINNERTON from Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta)


With ¥1,000 and only 9 seats, unsurprisingly, the demand for a spot at this tiny restaurant is so high. And of course, getting the queue here is not so easy lol.

Tsuta Remen is located around Sugamo Station (5 mins on foot). With the unilque style of the simple Japanese shop, it is not so difficullt to find it :D 




How to get to Tsuta?

You have to come to the shop in the early morning to get your ticket. Of course, you can choose the time slot that we want plus 1,000¥for the deposit ( they will return your deposit when you came back to the shop again). 

Once you have a ticket and a time slot there is no need to hang around. Then, just return to the restaurant around the time and your slot and joining the queue again.

From my experince, I went to the restaurant around 7:30 and I got the 11 am remen slot. (Luckily, it takes only 15 mins on foot from my house to this place >_<) 


      f:id:foamfoam:20171212114916j:plain    f:id:foamfoam:20171212114950j:plain

                                             Source : http://www.thewholeworldisaplayground.com

Well, this is what Michelin Starred ramen looks like

At tsuta remen shop, they serve four basic options so you can choose from: ramen or tsukemen- in either a shio (salt) or shoyu (soy sauce) soup. Like other ramen shops, we have to buy to from vending machine. You can see the most popular dish from the top left.


            f:id:foamfoam:20171218182151j:plain   f:id:foamfoam:20171218182635j:plain


Of course, I ordered ramen with shoyu soup,the most popular one, It's served with slided pork, boiled egg, wonton and BLACK TRUFFLE !!! It's such a good combination, isn't it ?!


                                        Here we go ! the famous tsuta ramen


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   If only photos are not enoght, I recommend you to watch this video from this youtuber.




Well, if you are looking for someone to eat ramen with you pleaseeeeeeeeee invite me :D Then we can enjoy ramen together ♥♥♥♥ Lastly, hope you enjoyed my blog. Next time, I will tell you more stories about my fav ramen shop in Tokyo.