HDE Advent Calendar Day 21: Investment

Hi, I'm Yoshiki, Executive Vice President and in charge of sales and marketing in HDE. Today, I'd like to let you know special investment plan in this blog!


Are you interested in investing? Have you ever invested anything? What did you invest, Stock, Real Estate, Commodity, Bit Coin, or studying English??

 Although there are so many investments in the market, I know the best way to invest!


It’s easy, all you have to do is playing baseball as often as possible!

Those who believe shall be saved! Let me introduce super heroes as below,




Do you want to become a professional baseball player? Why don't you support your kids to be good at it?


Since I have two boys who are enthusiastic about baseball, I decided to invest large amount of money for my kids. I wish my sons became best 10 professional players!!


So, I’d like to introduce some of my portfolio to make my kids increase their baseball skills!


  • Shuttle


Did you feel why shuttle is suitable for training baseball? You can train hitting a shuttle by not badminton racket but baseball bat. There are 2 good points to use the shuttle.


Firstly, it is more difficult to hit the shuttle's head than baseball ball because it’s small. You have to concentrate on hitting it more carefully.

Secondly, it is easier to collect because it doesn’t fly to far away.


  • Training ball for batting


Since my younger son started baseball recently, It’s too small for him to hit a shuttle. Training ball is easier for him to do. In the fist stage, it’s important for him to have a confidence. Furthermore it’s also easy to gather.


  • Toss machine


You should learn from mistake. I’d like to share my failures.


I bought this toss machine, as soon as I found it in amazon.com. It seemed very nice.


Although it works fine, it sounds very loudly when tossing the ball. My kids enjoyed it, but I don’t want to a neighborhood nuisance. I stopped using it.


  • Laser range finder 


This is also piece of junk!


When playing catch, I need to measure the distance accurately. Especially, 14m(from pitcher's mound to home plate) and 22m(from base to base) are important number.


This laser range finder seemed good to measure, but it doesn’t work well. When you measure the distance by using it, you need to aim laser point to the target. But there are no wall or something to aim in a ballpark! Unfortunately, I gave up using it.


  • Medicine ball 


When it rains, what do you do?


A medicine ball is a weighted(3kg), often used for rehabilitation and strength training.

It is also useful for baseball training on rainy day. It’s possible to do in your home.


You hold the medicine ball with both hands and throw it slowly like a rugby toss. It is a good training for rotational motion.

Rotational motion is very often done when playing not only baseball but also so many sports, tennis, volleyball, football, rugby, karate and so on.


I recommend medicine ball training, because it is effective for all sports!



To be honest, it’s very difficult to become a great professional baseball player, but you can get precious thing to continue baseball.


It’s a good health!


If my kids don’t become super baseball players, I’m happy they are only healthy!