What If I were a Tour Planner?!


I'm Tomoko Takehara of operation team. 

As there is not the particularly fresh topic, I write the story of the favorite trip.

~For Weekend Hakone Beginners version~

#1. Sightseeing

You will be able to travel from Tokyo to Hakone within 90 minutes by car using the Tomei Expressway and Odawara Atsugi Road. By Romance Car, it will take 90 minutes from Shinjuku to Hakone Yumoto. Taking a car will save time since if you take the Romance Car, you will have to either take the Ropeway (Cable Car) from Lake Ashi or use the Hakone Tozan Railway. A classic way for beginners to enjoy is to take the cruise, ride on the cable car, enjoy black eggs at Owakudani, and save the unforgettable memories by taking a commemorating photoshoot.http://www.hakone-english.com/




#2. Meals

Unlike long-term trips, this short, weekend trip to Hakone does not deserve a B-class meal. I will introduce you some exquisite gourmet options that you would not find in everyday life in Japan.

The first is SOUAN.greenhills-souan

Although this location might not have the most convenient access, most places in Hakone are difficult to reach so please excuse the inconveniency. This place arranges Japanese cuisine into a Western style cuisine, providing tables on a Tatami floor and thereby mixing the Japanese and the Western style harmoniously, both the interior and the cuisine. After the inconvenient experience on the access side, the restaurant interior view and nature will surely compensate your fatigue. During lunch time, you will be able to view elegant pink blossoms in the Spring time and beautiful autumn leaves during Fall season while you enjoy your delicious cuisine. Generally, for female guests, the 2,700 JPY course will most likely be just enough, but for male guests, the portions will not be enough.





Second option is Salondo Te Rosage.http://www.hakone-hoteldeyama.jp/en/restaurant/

It is a café on a mountain hotel by Odakyu Line that marks the best location. It feels like you are floating on Lake Ashi. From December to mid-March when the air is clear, you will be able to see Mt. Fuji from the lake, a grand view. Most sweets and tea are good in general, but I very much recommend the apple pie. This crunchy, warm apple pie has plenty of apples with its best combination, the vanilla ice cream. Every Spring, there is a Sweet Stamp Rally opening in Hakone, and this shop is one of the participants. I would recommend a one-day drive for a cup of tea.


#3. Hotel

Although Fujiya Hotel has its long history of being renowned for its classic interior, there are other splendid hotels offered as competitive options recently. The one that I recommend is the Odakyu Line yama de hotelhttp://Hotel de yama

in the previous content with the mention of the infamous apple pie. In April-May season, you can enjoy the garden of the azalea period along with cycling around Lake Ashi during the summer! Although pretty physically demanding: There are 3 Odakyu hotel affiliates in Hakone: Highland Hotel, Hatsuhana Hotel, and the Mountain Hotel, but my recommendation is the mountain one.  This one went through renewal, has spacious rooms, and is not a tourism-based accommodation, perfectly fitting with a delicious cuisine. The highlight of this accommodation is having Lake Ashi right in front of the hotel.

Next recommendation is Hakone Ginyu.Hakone Ginyu

The price is quite demanding, but the hot spring spa, room, lounge, and cuisines are world class. Therefore, this Hakone is usually not vacant during the weekends or holidays.

Last recommendation is the Hakone Hotel.http://Hakone Hotel

This hotel has the best cost-performance as it also offers Lake Ashi right in front of the hotel. Room and hot spring spa are very impressive, but the highlight of this hotel is the hotel lunch buffet, roast beef included for 2770 JPY. You can reserve on the day, so it is quite popular for day trip lunch and families.


What I was thinking after having written so far is that I also wish to introduce even more minor Hakone places. If I have the chance, I would like to tell you about the tourism plan of the Uyuni Salt Lake, the place I want to visit the most. Although this time, I have only talked about basic facts, I will mention broader range of methods for the trip, such as storing overseas miles and introducing hospitality by each airlines.