HDE Advent Calendar Day 6: Introducing Three books

Hi, my name is Hironori Okumura working as a Customer Engagement Guide in HDE.

My hobby is reading books and I want to introduce 3 books which I have read recently.


1.Christmas carol

This is a book you might have read at least once before, but you can enjoy reading it and will be moved even second time and more.

On the day before Christmas, Scrooge, old stingy and unkind man, encounteres the ghost of Jacob Marley who was Scrooge's colleage and dead 7 years ago.

Marley noticed Scrooge that he will have a bad end unless he changes his attitude and mind. Marley summons 3 spirits, first one shows Scrooge his past, second one shows present and last one shows future. He realizes he had pure mind in the past but gradually became stingy and unkind, so that now almost everyone dislikes him.
In the future image, he will die alone and no one takes care of his death.

After those event, he decides to change his attitude and mind to contribute his surroundings and the world. He becomes famous for very warm and kind man in the city, finally.

This book gave me the oppotunity to think about my daily behavior to contribute my surroundings. 


2.The Buried Giant

The author is Kazuo Ishiguro known for 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature, so I got interested in this book.

The story is set in around 6 century in England. There are two major races, Britons and Saxon. Briton Old couple leave the village where they live for looking for their son. They meet some people, one Saxon knight and one Saxon boy among them who travel with old couple by a strange coincidence.

They gradually become aware that they lose their old memories because of a dragon's breath and kill it finally. As a result, they get their old memory back, but it reveals incovenient facts like racial confrontation between Britons and Saxsons...

Frankly speaking, this book is not easy to read because there are many implicit expressions and main charactor is not fixed in the whole story. But if you are tough at reading and interested in the above abstract, please read it.



3.Work style of the leaders who does not break down

This book shows how good leaders makes his team not break down under high stress.
I was especially impressed about two things, one is that good leader focuses on each person's health and mental condition of the team. Under high stress, it is difficult to handle assigned task efficiently, so leaders must look into their condition and assign suitable task to them and sometimes cut "unnecessary task."

The other is that leaders must take care of themsleves to judge decisions correctly and show their work style to team members. If leaders only say "every member should take care ot his/her condition" but they works hard without rest, members do not follow the word. Leaders' behavior really effect team members.

I recommed this book especially leaders in high pressure circumstances.



Books have tremendous human knowledge from since the dawn of history. So more books you read,  more growth you will get. Let's enjoy reading!