HDE Advent Calendar Day 9: Café Explorer


Hello from Bangkok...

I'm Sai, Global Business Development Manager, from Global Sales division. That's my nickname, if any one can remember my full name, you're so lovely!! :D

Finally, it's weekend and it's my turn to write my 1st blog on HDE's Advent calendar.

So, let me show you my tiny happiness while I'm spending time in Tokyo.


Since I came to Tokyo for my master studying at Waseda in 2015, every thing is so fascinating and not for long, I'm suddenly falling in love with this charming chaotic city.

Besides studying, I start going Café with one of my sempai during weekend. Ever since then, it's become my addiction to explore Cafés.

Tokyo has various type of Café with different style locating every where. Today, I'd like to introduce you some of my favorite ones.

Name: Tokyo Kenkyo 



  • Location: Shibuya (walking 15 mins from our office)
  • Signature: Infused Water 
  • Sai's Tips: Available for a meal & lunch menu set. Good place to sit and work on 2nd floor. 
  • My memory: Spending great time with my team chitchat with wonderful lunch.


Name: Coffee Valley 



  • Location: Ikebukuro 
  • Signature: 3 Peaks [espresso •machiatto •amiricano]
  • Sai's Tips: Mainly for coffee lovers with light meal of boiled egg & sandwiches.
  • My memory: Here's my 2nd home during my thesis crisis life....It have Wi-Fi with outlet for some seats. Lovely music and open til late night. (until 10PM)


Name: About Life Coffee Brewers



  • Location: Dogenzaka,Shibuya (walking 6 mins from our office)
  • Signature: Cold brew coffee
  • Sai's Tips: Take a short break, walk here & enjoy cup of coffee with lively staffs. Available for soymilk for anyone who has milk allergy. If you're lucky, there will be art gallery from different artists by time to time.
  • My memory: Cozy corner with great Latte single shot from Onibus beans.


Name: Lattest

f:id:SpinneSai:20171209030012j:plain  f:id:SpinneSai:20171209030025j:plain

  • Location: Omotesando
  • Signature: Latte Art
  • Sai's Tips: Enjoy coffee. No food serving besides small cookies or bread. Good place to meet friends but not for working.
  • My memory: Cozy atmosphere to take a rest after exhausting from shopping.


Name: Re:Nature



  • Location: Harajuku
  • Signature: 3D Latte Art
  • Sai's Tips: Don't forget to prepare your favorite character to tell the staff. You will surprise with the cutest coffee you ever drink. They can even write your name on the milk foam. 
  • My memory: Visit here with my Waseda BFF after 1 month of BKK business trip. such a quality time....


Name: Me's Cafe & Kitchen



  • Location: Ginza
  • Signature: Pancake
  • Sai's Tips: Facny pancake - beautiful enough to eat up your camera's memory. You can also enjoy decent meal with variety of dessert and beverage here.
  • My memory: Took my Thai friends exploring Ginza on Sunday and stop for beautiful dessert session without worrying about calories... TT


When I go visit Café, it's my relaxing moment to enjoy the atmosphere of that Café - musics, people, mood, and flow of conversation - mix of surrounding things that can let you live your life happily besides ordering coffee & taking photos... (o^,^o)~


Anyone who'd like to ask for options of nice Café, go walk right in to me. I'm happy to recommend with my full list of them.

OR perhaps we can go explore new one together! Why not?!